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Clan MacCulloch Dress Tartan <-- [click here]
Clan MacCulloch Dress Tartan <-- [click here]
03-22-2002 -- Escondido, CA

This is a dress version of the MacCulloch/MacCullough tartan. Both are recent designs by Peter MacDonald for Donald McCullough of McCullough Higlands for use by all of the surname MacCulloch/MacCullough and its spelling variations. Further information can be found at McCullough Highlands

Prior to the design of these patterns the MacCulloch/MacCulloughs had been using a number of different patterns which reflected the various clans with which the name is associated. For some reason the MacDonald of Slate tartan had also been sold under the name MacCullough, perhaps because the MacCulloughs are principally associated with the MacDonalds. In the early 19th century the famous weaving firm Wm Wilson & Son of Bannockburn were selling a McCulloch tartan but unfortunately nothing survives to identify the actual pattern.

MacCulloch Tartan
Clan MacCulloch Dress Tartan

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