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McColloch Family Reunion - 2004
July 11th, 2004 -- The tentative date for the McColloch Family Reunion 2004 is July 11th. Again the reunion will be held at the West Mansfield Conservation Club in West Mansfield, OH. Contact Tom McColloch (419} 224-9531 or
08-09-2002 -- Here is the Latest Updates to our web site!
Tweaked the layout of the entire site.
Added a graphic of the Clan MacCulloch Dress Tartan.
New Topics have been added to the Clan MacCulloch Forums.
Clan MacCulloch Genealogical Data Base <-- [click here]
03-17-2002 -- Genealogical data base contains 22 generations of family lineage back to Sir Cullo O'Neil. This feature allows you to search by a variety of options and display individual or family data.
New Features & Updates <-- [click here]
December 2001 -- During the month of December 2001. we completely redesigned the site's structure, aesthetics, and features.
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